I’m sorry.

I’m back. 

At least just for today.

White Lies • Bigger Than Us • 300 plays


Bigger than Us - White Lies

just listened to it and its on repeat <3<3 listen to it

simply the most amazing band :)

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Thank you, God. You’re a great man, I mean, God.

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0bturador asked "How is the weather?"

Weather is good. Could be better, though!

Super Rad by The Aquabats

Scout by Sailmaker

"You’re so busy changing the world. Just one smile and you could change all of mine."

— Excerpt from the song Angel by Jack Johnson

It’s the memories we cherish the most.

Rip Curl offered a beautiful story as well as the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen of today’s ceremony in respect to Andy Irons untimely death. Read the full story here.


Pari Bus - Los Niños Estelares

 …Fico Fronte, El Vampiro Industrial, y Chovi

JAJAJAJAJAJA this shit is just too good 


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Gota de Rocío by Silvio Rodríguez

To the most beautiful girl in the world, the most beautiful song in the world. There’s also a pretty good cover by Mariana Baraj and Gabo Ferro on YouTube, search for it if you liked the song. Powerful lyrics.